providing the thickest and highest quality chair mats available for the home office or business. Black Mats for hardwood or carpet - recycled chair mat material! Best selling office ChairMats Chair mats - For high-pile, padded or deep-loop carpets. Thickest chair mat available.
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For help determining which type of chair mat would best suite your needs, visit out material selection guide.

Execumat. Thickest mats available For plush, thick carpets.
Execumat Chair Mats

Thickest Vinyl Chair mat Available!!
For plush, thick carpets.
Approx. 5/16 in. thickness.
Premium chair mat for high-pile padded or deep-loop carpets.
Premium Chairmats

For high-pile, padded or deep-loop carpets.
Approx. 1/4 in. thickness.
Glass Chair Mats
Glass chair mat

Glass chair mat 1/4" thick chair mat.
RollaMat chair mat. For medium weight carpets without padding.
RollaMat Chair Mats

For medium weight carpets without padding
Approx. 3/16 in. thickness
SuperMat Chair Mat. For low pile commercial grade carpets without padding.
Super Chair Mats

Studded For low weight carpets without padding.
Approx. 1/8 in. thickness
Anti Static chair mat. Made for computer stations and server rooms.
Anti-Static Chair Mats

chair mat especially made for computer stations.
Approx. 1/8 in. thickness
Hard floor chair mat for concrete, tile and wood floors.
Hard Surface Chair Mats

Chair mats for hardwood & concrete floors.
Black chair mats for carpet, hardwood, tile and concrete floors
Black Chair Mat

Approx. 1/4 in. thickness
Wooden Chairmat with a full 1/2" rigid surface for a smooth roll
Wood chair mat - Parquet

wood chair mat for smooth roll.
Approx. 1/2 in. thickness
Hard chair mat - clear as glass style chairmat for a smooth quiet roll.
Acrylic solid chair mat (black)

The 1/4" non studded mat. No dishing or sinking!
Hard chair mat - clear as glass style chairmat for a smooth quiet roll.
Polycarb solid chair mat

The 1/8" non studded mat. Like Glass, only better!
 Custom cut chairmats
Custom chair mats
Glass clear style chair mat for a smooth quiet roll
Glass Clear Chairmat

The Approx. 1/4" studded mat. Non textured vinyl surface
Executive Leather Office Chairs
Executive Leather Chairs

Executive Leather Fabric Chairs
Executive Fabric Chairs

Fabric and Executive Mesh Chairs
Mesh Chairs

All office chairs from
All Chairs



Chair mats made in Commercial thickness, all chair mat products made in the USA. Buy a Chair Mat from made with the quality a chair mat should be. Free Shipping on every chair mat in the lower 48 states.

At We sell chairmats of only the highest quality, thick chair mat made to last. We have over 35 years of experience in the business of selling chair mats, custom chair mats, large size chair mats and special order chairmats. We have the most satisfied customers of any company in California. We sell and have sold chair mats to the U.S. Congress, Federal Courts and many fortune 500 companies. We have also furnished thousands of small home offices across the United States and Canada. Unlike large office warehouse companies selling cheap chairmats, we are a family business and work extremely hard offering our customers the best priced highest quality chair mat available. We also offer high quality workmanship and personalized customer service on every chairmat we produce. We continue to be the #1 choice for chair mat needs across America. Not one chair mat leaves our warehouse without a 10 point inspection on quality and thickness. If you need one custom chairmat or 10 standard size chair mats, we have over three thousand chairmats in our warehouse at any given time. We will exceed your chair mat requirements and ship your chair mat faster than any other company period.

Chair mats our the business we would like to thank you for chosing If you need a chair mat for your home or business office please call us today at 877-269-1248. Protect your expensive carpet or flooring and buy a Chair mat for carpeted or hard surface floors, these chair mats will greatly extend the life of your flooring. Custom chairmats for hard floors, including wood, tile, and linoleum, are just as important. They will protect your floors from caster scuffing. Thick vinyl chair mats can be produced in variety of shapes to accommodate any work space, whether you have a standard desk, U-shaped desk, L-shaped desk, or corner desk. Our chair mats are transparent, which allows the color and design of your floor to show through. The chair mat material and appropriate size and thickness for your workstation chairmats can be measured and cut to fit like a glove.

You expect a lot from a chair mat, durability, protection, appearance, good value... Our specially formulated compounds provide firm, scuff resistant surfaces that allow effortless mobility of your office chair - reducing back strain. That enables you to be more productive. In addition, our chair mats are exceptionally clear, enhancing the natural beauty of your carpet or wood floor.

Why replace metal chair mat casters: What is more basic to the office work place than the office chair. Do you want proper office equipment to be effective, what is more important than chair and caster safety. Metal casters will ruin a vinyl chairmat, when you chose the incorrect caster, the floor covering as well as worn or broken casters can create the chance of injury. Office chairs can create problems as they are routinely equipped with casters that are made for carpet floors only. Buy the correct type of caster and your chair mat will last many years longer than the normal chairmat.


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